Seriously Custom

Because cookie cutters
belong in the kitchen


Seriously Custom

Because cookie cutters
belong in the kitchen

Seriously Custom

Because cookie cutters
belong in the kitchen



How’s your website working for you? Getting all the clients and customers you need? Sure, things are tough right now for everyone, but some businesses are stepping up and making a difference. They're attracting lots of the right clients and customers. How about you?

Ultimately, your website is the key to your success. It’s the online storefront for your business + the portal people use to connect with you and purchase your products and services. They need to do more than find you. They need to trust you and catch a vision for how you can help them. That’s what makes them work with you.

Want your business to do more than just survive?
Want your business to thrive into the future?

Design your website to inspire your customers + meet their needs. Build a brand to push you confidently into the future – no matter what life brings.


So let's get busy!


We start with a simple chat to discuss your brand + website design project and your goals. My projects are 100% custom, meaning there’s not a package for you to consider or a bunch of boxes for me to check before we get started. We’re going to talk about the perfect website project to grow your sales and get more of the right people coming to your door.

Typical Projects Include:

Brand Strategy + Analysis

Primary + Secondary Logo

Mark(s) + Pattern

Color Palette + Font System

Print Collateral Design (1 included, more optional)

Brand Guidelines

Website Copywriting

Website Styling + Design

Website Development

Sales + Landing Page Development

Website Launch

3 Month Maintenance Plan

included collateral items

your choice of one of the following: business cards, letterhead, notecard, social media cover photo, tote bag, stickers, or buttons.
(printing is not included, but coordination is available)
(additional collateral items can be added )

Website Design + Branding

Brand + Website + Copywriting projects (including everything listed above) start at $10,500. Options such as additional print collateral design pieces (banners, brochures, letterhead, etc), small eCommerce sites (50 products or less) or other features not mentioned here will add to the total project price.

Website + Copywriting projects start at $8,500. If you have written copy you'd prefer to use, website projects start at $6,500. 

Brand Development projects start at $3,500. 

You’ll want to allow 12 weeks for your project. We'll meet together for a few strategy sessions to discuss your brand and the core message you want to communicate in your copy. You’ll review and approve the design, site structure, and website copy. Most of this happens during the first 4 weeks or so of our work together. Then my team and I handle the rest.

My availability is limited, so I carefully select projects I’m passionate about + where my superpowers can have the biggest impact for my clients. Your signed agreement and initial deposit book your place on my schedule.

Ready for a brand + website that work as hard as you do?