What is Website Hosting? Hosting & Domains Simply Explained

What is Website Hosting? Hosting & Domains Simply Explained

What is Website Hosting? Hosting & Domains Simply Explained

If you want a website, you need a domain name and a website hosting plan. But what is website hosting. And a domain name? And where do you get them?

There are three parts that make up your website – domain, hosting + website files.


What is a domain name? Your domain name is similar to your street address. Just like someone would punch in your address into their GPS if they want to visit you at home, they enter your domain name in their web browser to visit your website.

Where should you purchase your domain?

I recommend SiteGround, but you can honestly purchase your domain from anywhere and be fine. Just don’t forget to set it to auto-renew so you don't lose your domain!


What is website hosting? Think of your website hosting like your house. Just like there are many different types of houses, there are different types of hosting plans, too. A dedicated server is much like a single-family home, it's a little more expensive, but you have everything to yourself. A shared hosting plan is similar to a duplex or an apartment complex where it's less costly, but you're occupying the same space. And because you're sharing the same space, if your neighbor throws a wild party and someone gets in a fight and punches a hole through the wall, that hole may come through your wall, too.

Where should you get hosting?

SiteGround or Flywheel. I've worked with countless website hosting companies over the years, so I've seen it all – from really awesome to a total nightmare, and everything in between. I personally use SiteGround. They have exceptional support, along with top-notch security and performance, so your site is always up, and ultra fast. All at a reasonable everyday price.

Through May 12th, SiteGround is offering new customers the StartUp hosting plan for 99¢ per month for the first 3 months! Click here to get this special pricing!

Flywheel is offering 50% off any monthly plan for the first 3 months. Click here to get this special pricing and use Discount Code: 3thankyou50


What are website files and data? After you have your street address (domain name) and your house (website hosting), you can get started on the fun stuff like buying fancy new appliances, comfy furniture, and decorating to your heart's content (building your website files + data). If your taking the DIY approach, this is when you'll install WordPress, choose a theme, install plugins, and design your site.

What do I recommend?

If you're DIYing it, WordPress + a page builder like Beaver Builder.

If you have no desire to DIY, I can help you get your business online ASAP.