Answers to the most frequently asked questions

What platform will you build my website on?

WordPress (.org). From simple landing pages to full blown membership or e-commerce sites, WordPress has the flexibility to handle it.

Will I be able to edit my website after it's launched?

Yes! After we launch your website, we'll have a post-launch training sesssion where I'll walk you step-by-step through your new new website. You'll have full access to easily edit and update things all on your own if you choose.

You'll also have my website care plan free for three months, that means you have priority support + access to me for a full three months after we lanch your site.

Can you integrate other systems + software in my website?

Yes! You may use an online scheduling system, email marketing software, and/or lead capture forms that need to be integrated in your new website. All of those (plus any other tech tools you might use in your business) can be integrated into your website so everything easily works together.

Do I need my own website hosting?

If you'll be signing up for my website care plan, no, you will not need to purchase hosting. If you're not planning to sign up for the care plan, then yes, you will need to purchase a hosting plan prior to launching your website. 

PS – I use and recommend SiteGround to my clients. 

What if I already have branding and/or copywriting?

We'll review your brand together before we get started to ensure you'll be attracting your dreams clients + I'll remove the entire branding process from your proposal. 


I'll have my copywriting team review your messaging before we get started to ensure your words are connecting with your dream clients + I'll remove copywriting from your proposal. 

I need a brand + website ASAP!! Can you help?

The short answer is probably not..... BUT if you let me know when booking your consult call, we can chat about your timeline + my availability to put a rush on things. 

What do I need to have ready before we start?

Excitement for the future of your business, a positive attitude + your signed agreement and deposit are all you need to secure your spot on my schedule.

After that, I'll set up your project in our project management software. You'll have two documents to fill out prior to our start date and kick-off call – a Brand Discovery Questionnaire, and a Starter Sitemap. You'll have plenty of time to complete these before we start, but if you're anything like me and like to get to-do's knocked out right away, feel free to do just that 😉 

For personal brands, you may want to have new brand photos taken – think headshots and landscape orientation (photos that are much wider than they are tall). I'm happy to chat with you about the types of photos you may need before you book your session with your photographer.

Who will I be working with?

99% of the time, you'll work directly with me, April. I’d been working solo for well over a decade, but there are some things (like copywriting) that are paramount to success that aren't exactly in my wheelhouse. I have amazing copywriters on my team who will help us nail your messaging in order to attract your dream clients to your business. You may have a strategy call with one of my ah-maze copywriters – outside of that, you'll always have direct access + high-level support from me.

How soon will I see results?

How long is a piece of string? I've seen clients have almost instant successes, and I've seen others who've taken longer to reach their goals. It really depends on your offer, your message, how aligned you are with your audience, and how willing you are to put yourself out in front of that audience. Your updated brand + website are a long term success strategy, not a short term fix. However, the majority of clients are able to start generating results within three to six months.

Can you guarantee my resluts?

To be honest, no. Since there are so many things that can factor into success, this the one part of our work that I can’t guarantee, and I'd never BS you about it. I can, however, guarantee that my team and I will bring an outrageously positive attitude to every project. We're hell-bent on seeing you succeed, so we’ll do everything in our (super)powers to help you get the amazing results you're after.