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John Amaral

Premium Web Design + Development for John Amaral


Brand visuals (typography + graphics) and Premium WordPress website design + development.

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John Amaral is dedicated to helping celebrities, artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs elevate and amplify their energy, expand their consciousness, and upgrade their performance so they can experience mind blowing levels of clarity and freedom.

I worked with John and his creative director to create a new personal website that more accurately reflects his personality and brand, while also being appealing to his target audience. He had a strong desire to have the new website feel vibrant, fresh, crisp, sophisticated, unique, and engaging.

I developed a new, conversion-optimized user experience and applied gorgeous photography with light pastels paired with John's signature navy blue and gold for a sophisticated feel, giving it a high end look to reflect the quality of John's work and his personality.

John retained ongoing support services through my monthly Website Care Plan after launch so I continued to work with him to make website updates, as well as handle daily website backups, security, tech maintenance (and so much more) to keep his site running smoothly, safely, and securely.

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premium website design